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Contests and Giveaways

Contests can be a great way to generate interest and they are quite often advertised or discussed in the forums at goodreads, but they can also be difficult (or midnumbing) to navigate.  So, why not offer a space where this … Continue reading

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Update: The first batch of stories for 2012 go live on 25th March

Do already offer a short story for free? Perhaps it’s loosely linked the imaginary world of a full length novel. Perhaps it’s been sitting on a shelf for the last few years. Let’s think outside the box for a moment.  … Continue reading

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Indie e-books is now open for short story submissions

How do you get readers interested in your new book? Do you push for Amazon’s sales rankings? Advertise at several websites and blogs? Offer a short story or novella for free? How about using those short stories in a consistent … Continue reading

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Promoting indies – what would you like to see? Part 2

So, the main site is now sitting in ‘skeleton mode’ as I rush to reformat the website.  Yesterday the poll ‘What factor influences your choice of books most?‘ went online again, and I’m starting to pull together the user area…  … Continue reading

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How do e-books fit in at christmas?

Well then, the christmas lights have come on already in London and it’s getting me into a festive mood…  So answer me this: How will e-books affect the way we exchange gifts at christmas? I’m a bookworm, which means 50% of all the … Continue reading

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Tour de Troops

“Did you know that over 300 overseas troops have requested books? And the Indie Book Collective is going to make sure they get them. This Veteran’s Day weekend, November 11th-14th, any reader can participate in the charity that gives back … Continue reading

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Copyright – What you should know

If you self-publish you need to be aware of your rights when it comes to copyright.  To help with this I’ve compiled (with a little help from a friend) a quick reference guide, which you can download from the link … Continue reading

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Reviews: Some general rules

It’s common for me to read the reviews of a new author before I choose buy and I doubt I’m alone in this.   With this in mind there has to be a degree of transparency. Over enthusiastic praise from friends or family may … Continue reading

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