Every Friday I aim to post an interview with an indie author in an attempt to sample the myriad of perspectives out there on indie publishing.  How do those on the battlefield perceive the indie revolution?  What challenges do they face?  And more importantly, what have they got to offer? 

Interview with an indie author (Cycle 2)

Now started!  If you would like to be featured, please contact me.

1) Tom Abrahams, author of Sedition

2) G G collins, author of Reluctant Medium

Interview with an indie author (Cycle 1)

August – Round up of the ‘interview with an indie author’ series:

Week 1Why go indie?
Week 2How to influence an indie author?
Week 3Would you take a book deal?
Week 4Pro’s and con’s of going indie.

1) Eric Diehl, author of Water Harvest

2) John Porter, author of Dirty Littles Stories

3) Brandon Luffman, author of Best Served Hot and Out After Dark

4) Tina Glasneck, author of Thou Shall Not

5) M.R. Cornelius, author of H10N1

6) Deborah J. Hughes, author of Be Still, My Love

7) Anthea Carson, author of The Dark Lake

8) R. Stephenson, author of Collapse 

9) Rosemary Lynch, author of Kainan (Deragan Sword Prophecy)

10) J. Naomi Ay, author of The Boy who Lit up the Sky

11) Melissa Love, author of Secret Affair

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