New Season! Interview with an indie author – Tom Abrahams

Why go indie?

I decided to publish independently because I was frustrated with the
traditional route.  I figured I could let my book sit and gather dust, or I
could put it out there for the world (or at least extended family and
friends), and hope to find an audience for my writing.  So far the response
has been positive, so I think I made the right choice.

How do you define indie?

Wow.  That’s a tough question.  I think I’m still defining it.  But to me,
indie is a group of writers who’ve taken control of their work and decided
to aggresively pursue a career at publishing books.

Summarise your writing style in 100 words or less

Even tougher question.  Now I am down to just 88 words left….I think my
writing style is entertaining, relevant, funny, well-researched, and full
of soul.  Okay, maybe not full of soul, but that sounded cool, right?  My
writing is easy to read and thought provoking.  Of that, I’m sure.

Who do you feel has influenced your writing the most?

I’ve always been a reader.  And I’ve always gravitated to stories that
blend fact with fiction.  So Michael Crichton is likely the biggest
influence.  Tom Clancy and Dan Brown are big influences too.

Do you aspire to be like any ‘trad’ or indie author?

Nope.  I just wanna be me.  I’d like to forge my own path.  While it would
be flattering to be compared to other authors (I’ve been compared to
Baldacci and Clancy), I’m just happy being me.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

Don’t give up.  As a journalist (my day job), I believe everybody has a
story.  I think the same is true for writers.

List your top five websites for publishing, marketing or writing:  🙂
Kindle book review,
Writer’s literary cafe,

Where can we find you, and what books do you have out now?

Tom Abrahams Bio picI just published a political thriller called Sedition, which you can read about at  It’s also available for sale at Amazon,
iBooks, and B&N.

My twitter handle is @seditionbook

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