How to influence an indie author?

Who were the influential players in the current indie author movement?  The writers who inspired this current generation of writers? 
In this bout at least I’d argue that Stephen King reigns triumphant… but that’s from a varied mix of both classic and modern authors.  Here’s a snapshot:

Eric Diehl

The stories that transformed me from a struggling young reader to a kid reading above his grade level were the old Norse and Greek mythologies…

Frank Herbert’s Dune got me hooked on science fiction and Stephen King had me for a while-though I’ve mostly parted company now it still amazes me how he can take such a dumb-sounding plot and write an engaging novel based on it; like Thinner, or Cujo.

More recently I’d have to put George RR up top, but I’ve also greatly enjoyed Greg Keyes, Patrick Rothfuss, Joe Abercrombie and others.

John Porter

Spike Milligan, John Wyndham, Douglas Adams, Ray Bradbury, Dylan Thomas, Roald Dahl, Tom Sharp, H H Munroe, and Bryce Courtney.

Brandon Luffman

My favorites are Stephen King and Dean Koontz. They both deal in subjects that I find my own writing turning toward and their styles are similar to the way I write. In fact, Dean Koontz gave me a minor epiphany recently with regards to inspiration: I was reading one of his books, possibly one of the Odd Thomas novels, when I was struck by the nature of what it really means to be inspired by someone’s work. When we talk about being inspired by someone, we usually mean something like “I want to produce similar work to this person” or perhaps “I want to be able to develop this level of talent”. But, true inspiration is more than that. When someone really inspires you, as Koontz did with me, you experience their work and it makes you want to engage your own work more fully. It’s not a desire to emulate or copy them, but rather, you feel an urge to do your own thing and maybe reach that level of competence in the art.

Tina Glasneck

Jude Deveraux, Karen Marie Moning, and Charlaine Harris are my top three authors. Although I do not write historical, contemporary or even paranormal romance, I love the experience they are able to impart through their stories. Their storytelling ability is, in my opinion, worth admiring!

In my genre of romantic suspense, I would say I have been influenced by the works of Allison Brennan and Lisa Gardner, as well as Karen Rose. They all have a grittiness in style that I enjoy to read.

MR Cornelius

I’m not sure if these authors influenced me, but I certainly enjoy reading John Sandford, Nelson DeMille, Robert B. Parker, Lee Childs. Yes, I know . . . all male authors. Recently, I’ve gotten into Martha Grimes. And I’ve read a lot of Patricia Cornwell. I read a lot of women authors, as well, and now that I’m thinking about it, they probably influenced the romantic relationship between my two main characters, Rick and Taeya.

Deborah J Hughes

In my younger years, I was very influenced by Kathleen Woodiwiss!  At one time (okay, I still do!) I wanted to be a romance writer.  I am an avid romance reader and always will be but I also love paranormal stories.  There are a ton of great romance books available on the market but good ghost stories (like I like them) are hard to find.  I don’t like horror as in gore and terror.  I like spooky.  I like stories involving real to life situations involving paranormal phenomena.  Those kinds of stories are hard to find.  Another writer who influenced me early on is Stephen King.  I loved The Shining and The Stand (among other works of his as well but most particularly these two!).  I also love Stephen King’s On Writing…that book really got me going again with my own writing.  I can’t say as if any one author influences me now as I am influenced by so very many!

Anthea Carson

Marcel Proust, William Faulkner, Daphne Du Maurier, Truman Capote, and a couple of books here and there like Peachtree Road, by Ann Rivers Siddon, and Lost Girls, by Andrew Pyper, and the Girl in a Swing by Richard Adams. I also notice influence of Doris Miles Disney.

R Stephenson

Stephen King, Lee Child, Vince Flynn, J.K. Rowling, Michael Crichton, John Grisham.

Rosemary Lynch

Enid Blyton, CS Lewis and Terry Goodkind.

J. Naomi Ay

I love so many authors both contemporary and classic.  I can’t really say who might have influenced me the most. 

Melissa Love

Kiki Swinson ~ author of the Wifey books.

Darlene Jones

I don’t think I can single out any one. I try to emulate authors who write well and tell a good story, one that makes you think, makes you want to keep reading, and makes you feel a bit sad when it’s over.

Emiliana Erriquez

Well, first Oriana Fallaci, as I said before. She is one of my favourite writers and the one who inspired me most, together with Isabelle Allende. I would never tire of reading their books. But I have also read some great novelists such as Jane Austen, Virginia Wolf, Henry James, Salinger, Hemingway while I was at university so I think all this will have also influenced me somehow.

Whitney Moore

I started reading thrillers and science-fiction when I was 10 and I read all but two of Michael Crichton’s books by the time I was 12. Then I discovered Douglas Adams and as much as Michael Crichton made me want to write about dinosaurs, Douglas Adams made me want to write period! He was the most exciting writer I had ever read and I’ve read the entire series of Hitchhiker’s Guide three times. Oscar Wilde was my next big influence.

Larissa Hinton

The top five authors that have shaped me into the author I am today are: Bruce Coville, Meg Cabot, Shel Silverstein, Stephenie Meyer and Andrea Cremer.

Elizabeth Baxter

When I was younger I was a huge fan of Stephen Donaldson so when I look through my old manuscripts they are just like his work. Then a bit later on, I became a huge Robin Hobb fan, so my work from around that time is like hers. These days I like to think I’ve found my own style. I love the work of George RR. Martin and Steven Erikson and if my own work could get to even a tenth of their standard, I’d be happy!

Sarka-Jonae Miller

I read a variety of books in different genres, but the only book I have finished so far is chick lit so I guess I’d have to narrow down my influences to that genre. I’d say Risa Green has been a big influence. Her main characters are not all sugar and spice and everything nice, nor do they always hold the popular opinions. I respect Risa Green for writing outside of the box. I also think that Sophie Kinsella/Madeline Wickham is an influence. She has certainly shown that one person can write with very different styles in the same genre, which I think helped influence me to play around with my style and find my voice.  Emma McLaughlin, Nicola Kraus and Lauren Weisberger have influenced me too. They all have a rather unique, sometimes cutting and sometimes cutesy, sense of humor.

David Berger

Even though I write fantasy, and writers like David Eddings, Terry Goodkind, Terry Brooks, Piers Anthony, J. R. R. Tolkien, et al have influenced my fantasy side, I also feel that people like Maya Angelou, Gabriel García Márquez, Isabel Allende, and Mikhail Lermontov have influenced me. Their works, more grounded in reality (although García Márquez and Allende write Magical Realism), have shown me more complex styles to emulate.

Deanna Lynn Sletten

I’m not sure if these authors influenced me because I would never say that I write like any of them, but they did influence my love of reading. F. Scott Fitzgerald for his wit and smooth writing style, Louisa May Alcott because Little Women was the first book I fell in love with and of course, Charlotte Bronte, because I just love the beautiful old-time writing style of Jane Eyre.

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