Interview with an indie author (Elizabeth Baxter)

Elizabeth Baxter, author of Circle Spinner and Other Tales

If you were trapped on a desert island, and a magical talking stork could bring you one book (not yours) which would it be?

The Lord of The Rings (omnibus edition so it’s just one book).

Which authors influenced/influence you most?

When I was younger I was a huge fan of Stephen Donaldson so when I look through my old manuscripts they are just like his work. Then a bit later on, I became a huge Robin Hobb fan, so my work from around that time is like hers. These days I like to think I’ve found my own style. I love the work of George RR. Martin and Steven Erikson and if my own work could get to even a tenth of their standard, I’d be happy!

What made you go indie?

I actually turned down a publishing contract to go indie. Why? Because I’m slightly crazy. My publisher was a small one, and they had originally given me a contract for both paperback and eBook, but halfway through the process they restructured and changed to eBook only. They still wanted to publish my book but gave me the option of taking back the rights. It was around the time self-pubbing went crazy so I’d been researching it. I thought to myself, “I’m sure I could do this myself. Sounds like hard work but fun!” So I got the rights back and did it myself. And yes, it was hard work and fun. Time is yet to prove if it was crazy!

What’s your favourite part of indie publishing?

Hmmm, all of it? I just love the whole process. It’s really hard work, and at times I was pulling my hair out with frustration, but it’s also very enjoyable. My most favorite part is probably when I’ve got all the proofs back, the cover finished and I can start putting the file together ready for publishing.

What’s your least favourite part?

Fiddling with file when I should be leaving it alone! I read through my books about a gazillion times before I publish them. Each time I spot something I want to change. I’m trying to be more disciplined.

Summarise your writing style (or books) in 100 words or less:

Character-driven fiction that sucks you in and makes you laugh and cry with the characters.

If you were offered a book-deal would you take it?

That’s a tough question. It would depend on the deal. It would have to offer me something that self-publishing doesn’t and I’m a little skeptical that it could do that. Having said that, I’ve heard of a lot of indie publishers taking traditional contracts, so I’d have to sit down and give it some serious thought.

Why should someone pick-up your book(s)?

Circle Spinner and Other Tales is a collection of fantasy and science fiction stories. They are varied and exciting so there’s something for everyone. Whether you like comedy, heartwarming stories or epic battles, there will be something you enjoy. Go on, give it a whirl!

What formats is it/are they available in and where?

Circle Spinner and Other Tales is available on the Kindle in the  US  or  UK.

Thanks for reading!

Elizabeth Baxter

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