Interview with an indie author (Larissa Hinton)

Larissa Hinton, author of Everblossom: A Short Story and Poetry Anthology

If you were trapped on a desert island, and a magical talking stork could bring you one book (not yours) which would it be?

Gosh, only one!? I guess the one book I would love to wish for Nightshade by Andrea Cremer.

Which authors influenced/influence you most?

The top five authors that have shaped me into the author I am today are: Bruce Coville, Meg Cabot, Shel Silverstein, Stephenie Meyer and Andrea Cremer.

What made you go indie?

I decided that after a massive amount of research (mostly through JA Konrath’s blog) that traditional publishing wasn’t for me. I spent years trying to write better books, better query letters, better research and after all of this effort, I just got more and more frustrated. I know I’m a talented and committed writer. Why wasn’t I able to get published?

So, after some pushy and strong arguments from my professor, I checked out JA Konrath’s blog and read more compelling arguments. The choice was clear: either I continued to do the same thing and try even harder to break into the traditional publishing industry, or I could try a different tactic and self-publish my books. Needless to say, I chose self-publishing and never looked back.

What’s your favourite part of indie publishing?

My favorite part of self publishing is having the ability to make major decisions. I get to decide where, when and how I will publish my books. I also get to pick the interior design and the book cover of my books. That’s complete freedom for me especially since I am super picky about cover design.

Additionally, I love the fact that I can write in whatever genre I wish. I know for some traditionally published authors that once they start with one genre, the publishers like for them to stick with that one genre. I love the freedom of being able to choose whatever genre I want whenever I want.

What’s your least favourite part?

My least favorite part is how all of publishing business detracts from the writing process. I would love to write more or at least have more time to write but between work and marketing, I barely have more time to spare. So that’s the constant battle I have to deal with everyday.

Summarise your writing style (or books) in 100 words or less:

If I had to define my writing style as: unique, sarcastic, and poetic.

If you were offered a book-deal would you take it?

I would definitely consider it and start sending off letters to agents who might be interested in reviewing the contract. But would I automatically sign the dotted line without double checking with the terms? No. Would I shove it away and snub it in their face? Absolutely not. I am willing to give all opportunities an equal and fair chance.

What formats is it/are they available in and where?

Everblossom: A Short Story and Poetry Anthology is available at:
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon FR
Amazon DE
Amazon ES
Amazon IT
and in paperback at Createspace

If you’re interested in finding out more about me you can also visit my website.

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