Interview with an indie author (Melissa Love)

Melissa Love, author of Secret Affair

What made you go indie?

I had a bad experience with my last publishing company and most of the books that I read are from indie authors. I decided to go that route myself and loved it.

What’s your favourite part of indie publishing?

Choosing my own writing style and if I want to add or change any part of the book, I don’t have to go through a third party. I also have control of where I want my book to be placed.

What’s your least favourite part?

So far I haven’t had any bad experiences being an indie author.

Which authors influenced/influence you most?

Kiki Swinson ~ author of the Wifey books.

Summarise your writing style (or books) in 100 words or less:

My style and books are about Secrets! Everybody has one! Are you looking for stories with a twist? You’ve come to right place! I promise you sensual stories that will leave you on the edge of your seat. All my books and short stories have a memorable character, with a twist and a turn along the way. There’s a lot of suspense and broken hearts, but in the end, one way or another, someone is bound to find out your secrets.

How did you come up with the title?

Secret Affair was an easy title to come up with because it’s a common thing – so why not build drama around that?

If you were offered a book-deal would you take it?

It depends on the publishing company – if it was a top publishing company then I would say yes.

What formats is it/are they available in and where?

Secret Affair is available in paperback and kindle. It is available @ Barnes & Nobles, Amazon, Book~A~Million, All and Marwill book store in Detroit.

What are your current projects?

I am working on my third book Hoe~ly Suspicion and Love on Death Row (about domestic abuse and one woman’s journey from riches to rags).

Here’s a link to my web page: Scandalous Secrets

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