Contests and Giveaways

Contests can be a great way to generate interest and they are quite often advertised or discussed in the forums at goodreads, but they can also be difficult (or midnumbing) to navigate.  So, why not offer a space where this information is displayed at the right time and in a concise way?

If you haven’t had a chance to take a look there’s now a ‘Giveaway’ section on the main website for indie e-books.  It’s somewhere for authors to list a (limited time) freebie available on Amazon or Smashwords.  I’m currently also working on a ‘contest’ page to work alongside this where any promotions can go.  For example – Goodreads ‘raffles’; Group promotions (such as with the IBC); Read…Review…Repeat…! at Greyhart Press; Blog contests etc…

And this is where you come in… 😉

Looking for a freebie?

This is just an example of what your listing could look like. Would you be offering free books in exchange for a review? A limited giveaway of paperbacks? Amazon gift vouchers? As long as there is some connection to indie publishing and something is genuinely on offer then your listing will be approved. Do you have any suggestions on how we could make this better?

Starts: 18 May 2012
Ends:   18 November 2012

The format I’m working on right now is to ask for:

1) An image (cover art or ad)

2) A title and link to the contest

3) A start and end date

4) A short description (< 200 words) of what’s on offer.


Would you be interested?
Can you think of anything that might be useful to add?

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About indie e-books is aimed at providing a common platform for indie writers and publishers to show-case their work. The content is kept limited to one (free) short story per author to give the reader an idea of the writing style and talent involved and to help forward them on to more substantial work.
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