Update: The first batch of stories for 2012 go live on 25th March

Do already offer a short story for free?

Perhaps it’s loosely linked the imaginary world of a full length novel.

Perhaps it’s been sitting on a shelf for the last few years.

Let’s think outside the box for a moment.  The growth of e-readers but they are not the only source of readers; there’s also your iPad, iPhone and Android (phone) users who are just as likely to be reading web content as they are to download a full novel.

So, how could you maximise exposure?

First the reader has to find you.

Second, they have to find something that would catch their interest: perhaps a sample found whilst browsing Amazon, or perhaps by reading a short story while trapped on a bus, tram, tube or train… So if they do a google search on a whim and come across indieebooks.co.uk a short story published there will help connect you to them.  It would certainly be a lot easier (for the reader) to pick out individual authors compared to say the ever growing Amazon KDP List.

Short stories will be available for a limited time and at a maximum of 1 per author.  This limits the ‘boredom factor’ of coming across the same old stories for regular visitors, maximises exposure for each author and also gives you a chance to win over readers with each new submission.  The copyright remains with you throughout the whole process and once the story has been ‘archived’ links to your books and sites will remain open.



About indie e-books

http://indieebooks.co.uk is aimed at providing a common platform for indie writers and publishers to show-case their work. The content is kept limited to one (free) short story per author to give the reader an idea of the writing style and talent involved and to help forward them on to more substantial work.
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