The Secret Branch, by James Fant

“Sergeant Harold Hobbs returned from a yearlong tour of duty in Iraq to
find that the baby boy that he and his wife Tracy conceived before he left
looks exactly like his best friend, Peter Beasley…”

Rating:  4 stars

Genre: Inspirational fiction

Words: 5706

I find that one of the most interesting aspect of exploring indie books is the sheer variety.  That I can pick up a book or short story that I wouldn’t normally have in mind and find myself enthralled for a short time is always a delight. That said, I read this short story in one sitting. I loved the familiar phrasing of the opening paragraph and how it just sucked you in. This short is about trust, a quality that some struggle to find and others give away too easily.  How far could you trust your spouse? friend? What would you do if you were pushed to the edge?

Yes, there were times when I found the language slightly clumsy, which is why in the end I’ve given it a 4/5.  This could however, just be a reflection of the American ‘dialect’ that the author was aiming for. On the whole I think I appreciated the symmetry of the story and if you do happen to read it you’ll see what I mean!

Author bio:

James Fant is a native of Greenville, South Carolina and currently resides in the South Carolina Lowcountry.  He has always possessed a passion for learning and reading, which prompted his undergraduate study in the field of Biology, and later a Masters in Business Administration. While he is successful in his vocational endeavors and in his desire to meet the needs of others, he has a greater calling to meet the needs of others through print. 

His passion for reading has led him to read books from a variety of authors. However, he saw that he needed to address relationship issues and attempt to mend broken bonds with clean language.  This set the stage for his first published short story The Mended Fence. James plans to publish many works that will encourage his readers to analyze and repair their personal relationships.  He is a family man with a wife and two children who he dedicated his first publication to and continues to work with them in mind.

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