How do e-books fit in at christmas?

Well then, the christmas lights have come on already in London and it’s getting me into a festive mood…  So answer me this: How will e-books affect the way we exchange gifts at christmas?

I’m a bookworm, which means 50% of all the presents I receive normally fall into the ‘book’ category.  Last year I was lucky enough to receive a kindle (thankyou sis) and the year before that I spent the holidays devouring a fantastic trilogy by Steig Larson.  Now as *shallow* as this may sound I’m not sure that receiving an e-book will be quite as gratifying for the giver or receiver…  I mean, how would it work? Do you resort to gift vouchers?

Of course I don’t have the answer, but there may well be a hole in the market here don’t you think?  Perhaps the book cover could be used as the artwork for a gift card – with a download code for the ‘chosen’ store.  It at least gives you something physical to play with…

In the end, I think the e-book readers are the winners in this competition as they all rush to get their ‘faster, lighter, cheaper’ versions out.

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2 Responses to How do e-books fit in at christmas?

  1. timctaylor says:

    I agree with you. Some kind of promotional card for that book with a voucher stamped on it. I suppose one could do this with Smashwords now.

    I’m the same with Christmas in that I’ll get books. I love books. I read them and publish and write them… but when I get that book-shaped gift, even while I’m relishing the turn of the pages and enjoying the anticipation of reading, an annoying voice in my head will remind me that every new physical book we get means we must throw one out. We don’t have the space. That’s why I switched to ebooks as far as they were available a decade ago. But, you’re right, ebooks aren’t as exciting to give or receive as a gift on Christmas Day.

  2. Indie Ebooks says:

    Exactly! I might keep physical copies of books I like to read again and again but most of my ‘backlist’ was read once and sent off to the local charity store. 😦

    Of course for some of the ebook formats that are locked to a particular device… I can see frustration in a gift half given. Five or ten years down the line what happens if said device no longer functions/is available? In the rare case that there was a book I’d like to reread it would no longer be accessible. 😦 There’s still quite a lot of questions to field in this market.

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