Under the Amoral Bridge, by Gary A Ballard

Another read I stumbled across in the Kindle store…  

Under the Amoral Bridge book cover

Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Scifi / Cyberpunk

Artemis Bridge ‘knows a guy’ and for a fee he’ll hook you up…

Pulled together from an online serialisation (see http://www.bridgechronicles.info/) this is a easy read designed to pull you in quickly and keep you guessing.  As a bonus to loyal blog readers there’s also a short story added to the ebook version, which I found added a little more depth to the main character, but also worked well as a standalone.

The antihero of this piece – Artemis Bridge, is the ‘go-to guy’ for shady dealings.  He feigns disinterest in the details of the deal itself, but for a fee he can put you in touch with the right people (hence his nickname the Amoral Bridge).  Inevitably however, he gets drawn in to a signifcant amount of trouble and has to navigate his way out, which is the main emphasis of this novel.

Pros:  It was fast, dynamic, unpredictable, and engaging.  There were also no significant errors in the ebook format I downloaded (e.g. poor grammar or conversion problems).

Cons:  Repitition.  A pet hate of mine is repitition of a word or name, in this case overuse of ‘Bridge’ in occasional paragraphs.  It wasn’t bad enough to turn me off the book completely, just a minor irritation.

Trawling through some of the already published reviews online opinion seems divided into 3 camps, namely:

a) The newbie who hadn’t read any cyberpunk before but found it a great introduction. (4-5 stars)

b) The regular cyberpunk reader who enjoyed but were perhaps looking for more. (3-4 stars)

c) The rare case of the ‘fake’ 1 star.  The poor reviews are so few and far between that those I did find came across as petty and unfounded (in my opinion).  Of course maybe they really didn’t enjoy the book, but I find it hard to believe…

Disclaimer: This is my first cyberpunk novel, but it certainly won’t be my last…

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