Threads: The Reincarnation of Anne Boleyn, by Nell Gavin

 Here’s one I stumbled across in the kindle store on holiday… 

(A prime example of how being somewhere high on the sales list automatically generates interest).

Threads Ebook cover

Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Historical fantasy?

This novel revolves around the infamous Anne Boleyn and the ‘threads’ that connect her to other souls in previous and future reincarnations.  A large part revolves around her relationship with Henry VIII and describes in some detail (some of it speculative) her perspective of their relationship.  She is faced with the challenge of forgiving him for betraying her spectacularly,  but mostly it comes across as an introspective analysis of her many ‘lives’.

To start with I found this novel a little slow and vague, but with a little perserverance I eventually became embroiled in the storyline. The characters were well developed, but then the author already had someone to work with, and the quasi-historical aspect with a fantastical twist was especially interesting. Although it required a little perseverance on my part in the beginning, by the end I was a wishing there was more!

Published through Infinity publishing ( this book surpassed my expectations of self-published/indie work.  It was clear, concise and grammatically perfect; so much so that I didn’t realise it was indie until after I’d finished it.  That being said, it’s also on its 3rd edition so I assume it’s been through several editing stages.

Based on reviews given in Amazon and Goodreads there were some who were looking for something more historically accurate and others that felt the fantasy angle wasn’t explored enough.  I’ll agree to the latter: the ‘blurb’ did suggest that the story focussed more on her reincarnations than it actually did, but it seems this was not the main aim of the author.  With regards to any historical inaccuracies there is a disclaimer at the end and to be honest I tend to give a bit of leeway to fiction works based on history.  Afterall, if I was aiming for historical fact I could have picked up a textbook…

Overall opinion? Glad I gave it a try 🙂

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